"Transparency” in animal shelter talk relates to data collection from every animal shelter in every state for performance comparisons.

We can learn important information when key performance criteria is shared with our partners, employees, our customers, and our donors. In order to start the process, several groups have began petitioning their states to enact laws that require reporting.

Unfortunately, to date, less than twenty-percent of states have taken action and the data collected by state-to-state varies, leading pundits to challenge the process as nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary supports a Federal solution that demands consistent and audited reporting by all animal shelters, breeders, and pet stores, as well as any business entity that imports animals for sale or adoption, to provide details of all animals received, placed, killed or died naturally.

Furthermore, we advocate for the humane treatment of all animals and insist all business entities involved in the sale or adoption of animals qualify by inspection to become fully licensed and certified to operate as such and held subject to regular inspections.

Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary will publish weekly data on our website. We believe all shelters should report consistent and accurate statistics, including the following:

- End of week inventory count by name of animals on hand at the shelter.
- Intake number for animals by name from Monday through Sunday each week. Information will be categorized as:

- Animal adoptions or fosters by category:

- Medical treatment descriptions
- Animal natural death & euthanasia and details