Connecting people with rescue animals & ensuring homeless animals live in a joyful sanctuary, not confined cages.

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The story of Grateful
Rescue & Sanctuary

The dream of Grateful Rescue began the day I walked into a overcrowded, understaffed, and high-stress shelter to adopt a dog.

One dog, a white Dalmatian & Lab mix they called “Big Boy”.

But when I walked in, I couldn’t believe what I saw…

Dogs crated everywhere - in the hallways, in the laundry room, in the storage rooms… stacked on top of each other.

The stench, the stress, the despair.
It was all too much.

As I passed each dog, they would sit pretty and straight, wagging their tails

...but when I would walk on, they would erupt in fierce barking.

It was if they were screaming, “Please help me!”

It was heartbreaking.  

I had to get out of there, I couldn’t bear it.

But as I was leaving, I saw him, cowering in his cage, shaking and terrified.

A small coonhound with droopy ears and the saddest eyes I’d ever seen.

He wasn’t making a peep... Just trembling.

My heart was breaking!

I left the shelter with Big Boy, but I couldn’t get the terrified little coonhound off my mind.

I cried for him and all the others that night.

I went back the next day and adopted that little coonhound.
But that wasn’t enough.

"What about all the others?"

There must be a better way to keep these homeless animals...

We began setting up a living space for dogs on our 22-acre property.

We sectioned off four different yards for group play and added a climate-controlled home set at 70 degrees year-round.

This way all of the animals could live in a joyful space where they feel safe and loved.

No more shaking.

No more fear.
We are Grateful.

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July 30, 2024

Speedway American Legion

Saturn Petcare donated over 174,000 dog & cat meals for Indiana rescues last year and they are doing it again this year!!! We arrange and host the event!

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September 7, 2024

4th Annual Grateful Fest

Our annual Grateful Fest!

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November 9, 2024

Grateful Gala

Our annual Grateful Gala!

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